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Build wealth your way. Trade global stocks and ETFs from £10. Join thousands shaping the future with the brands that matter to them. Capital at risk. Fees apply
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Save and invest with Wombat

Top-class security

Our app is protected by bank-level security and encryption.

No hidden fees

We’re upfront. Access and withdraw your money anytime.

£0 per month

Invest with an Instant GIA and no account fees. Upgrade as you grow. FX fees apply.

Get cashback

0.2% cashback when you invest in US shares with Instant GIA.

Investing made simple

Starting a retirement fund, saving for a home, or just putting your money to work, get started with Wombat for free.

Stocks and shares

Own a piece of world-leading companies like Alphabet, Apple, and Nike with fractional shares. Capital at risk.

Themed ETFs

Diversify with themed funds (ETFs) to match your interests, from The Blockchain to Medical Cannabis. Capital at risk.

Instant investing

See live market data and invest in US stocks instantly during market hours. Capital at risk.

De-stress investing

Take a load off with Auto Invest, or invest your spare change with Round Ups. Capital at risk.

Reach your goals

Get your goals in line and start building. Find your perfect account. Capital at risk

How does it work?

All you need to start investing is some ID and your National Insurance number.

Create your account

Download our app and create your account. Capital at risk
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Link your bank to add money

Our app is protected by 256-bit, bank-level encryption

Explore & Invest

Invest in Themed ETFs and Fractional Shares.
Wombat Invest app with over 300k users

Trusted by thousands

If there’s one thing we love, it’s breaking down barriers.
"Super easy to use and great app. I will definitely keep using for future investing. Will also recommend to family and friends."
"Great App Super easy to use and the lowest cost on the market"
"Awesome and user friendly with clear details"
"Great app easy to use I love that the app makes investment simple and easy. Customer Support team are friendly helpful and responded to my query very quickly."
"Brilliant App Really enjoying the use of this app. Runs smoothly, very efficient. What's not to like? Highly recommend :)"
"Easy to use for a total beginner. The customer service is amazing, very quick to answer any questions and resolved issue easily."
Easy to use and easy to follow. Easy to use and easy to follow. Makes investing affordable and a lot less complicated.
" Perfect I'm pretty time poor & this app gives me great access to tech stocks in Europe and the US while also helping me build a balanced portfolio & save each month without having to worry..."
"Investment made easy, haven't been doing it for long but from what I hear, it's the start of something good "
"Great little app Would highly recommend to those new to investing in stocks and shares. Simple and effective UI."
"Great intro to investing I've been really into investing, as never really knew where to start! But Wombat has made a seemingly daunting topic really easy to get to grips with, and it's exciting..."
"I am so happy I downloaded this app. It's so easy to use and understand and just amazing!!"
"Great ux, low charges and easy to set up. Great ux, helpful guides for beginner investors, low charging structure and easy to register."
"Makes investing really accessable. I really like the mix of fractional shares and ETFs, helps me to build a really diverse portfolio really  quickly. UX is slick and easy to use. Top marks from me!"
"This is a great app This is a great app for the new investors. Very easy to use and it works like a saving account! 10/10"
"Wow, what a great app! Great, easy, intuitive UI. Easy investing with great returns (so far). I'm a big fan of the themed funds, gives the  user a sense of purpose behind their investment. All round ...
"Best trading app for beginners It's easy to use and best in the market app, specially for beginners."
Fantastic app, simple, quick and easy to understand with helpful customer service. Great for long term investors. Love the instant  deposit feature.. Keep up the good work Wombat!

Simple and transparent

We’ve got your goals covered today, tomorrow, for life. Where will you start?

Instant GIA

General Investment Account
Learn more
Fractional US shares from £10
Access to over 400+ US shares
Instant trading, top ups and withdrawals. (Within market open hours)
Unlimited commission-free trading
(other fees apply)
No paywalls


Stocks and Shares ISA
Learn more
Access to US, UK, EU stocks
30+ Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Fractional shares from £10
Auto Invest & Round ups
Invest up to £20,000 per year with tax-free gains.


General Investment Account
Learn more
Access to US, UK, EU stocks
30+ Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Fractional shares from £10
Auto Invest & Round ups
Instant Deposits
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Remember, when investing your capital is at risk and you may get back less than what you put in. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

Download and start investing

Build your wealth your way. Capital at risk
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Best Investing for beginners

Invest in knowledge

Start learning with Wombat, and let’s de-mystify money and investing.
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Learning Hub

Learning investing has never been easier. Wombat invest's Learning Hub has all kinds of articles that will help you learn and become a confident investor.
Wombat wisdom course

Wombat Wisdom

One week. Seven emails. Gain investment wisdom to last a lifetime. Get clear explanations of risk, volatility, dividends, and everything you need to build a long-term portfolio.
Wombat FAQ


Check out Wombat Invest’s FAQs to learn more about our company and find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.