How should I decide what to invest in?

At Wombat, we can’t advise you as to which Themes or Shares to invest in. However, we can give you some pointers on how you might want to...

Here are 3 quick tips for deciding which stocks to invest in!

  1. Invest in what you know. Don’t invest in a company you’ve never heard of before, or a sector you know nothing about. Are you really into gaming? Fashion? Food? Invest in industries and brands you use yourself, or know a lot about and those you are interested in following the latest news and trends on.
  2. Decide your risk tolerance. From there, you can decide whether a stock is risky or conservative enough for your portfolio (at Wombat – more chillies indicates a higher risk).
  3. Diversify. Make sure not to put all of your eggs in one basket – invest in several Themes, Companies, and industries to protect yourself from risk.

Happy investing!