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Remember, your capital is risk. Full cashback T&Cs here.

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Every time you invest, you’ll get 0.20% Cashback straight into your cash account. Cashback is uncapped so the more you trade the more you earn.

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Remember, your capital is risk. Full cashback T&Cs here.

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Remember, your capital is risk. Full cashback T&Cs here.

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Frequently asked questions​

How do I open an Instant GIA?
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Opening an Instant GIA is easy. You’ll need to download the Wombat app, available on the Play store for Android devices or the App store for iOS devices. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be taken through a few screens, allowing you to select the type of account you’d like to open. Our Instant plan offers you a General Investment account (GIA), and our Standard plan offers you a choice between a General Investment account (GIA) or a Stocks and Shares ISA (ISA). Simply tap on the screen to start the ID verification process.

Why do I need to provide my National Insurance number and photo ID?
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To fully comply with UK, EU and global regulation, Wombat requires photo ID to enable us to verify the identity of all users. Your National Insurance number is required by HMRC for tax purposes.

Are there any days I can’t trade?
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You can place a trade any time on any day but your trades will only complete between 14:30-21:00 UK time each business day, excluding US bank holidays.

What are the market hours for instant trading?
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All of the fractional shares we offer on the Instant GIA are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) which is open from 14:30-21:00 UK time each business day, excluding US bank holidays

Can I cancel an order?
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Yes, you are able to cancel any pending orders. Once an order has been completed then you are unable to cancel or make any amendments to the order.

What does this account cost?
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There is no account fee for an Instant GIA. Each individual trade is subject to a 0.65% Foreign Exchange (FX) fee. When you sell or buy shares in US companies, your cash will be converted from GBP to USD. Wombat Invest collects a small fee (FX fee) for this currency conversion - it helps us generate revenue, grow the business and bring you even more benefits and features.

Frequently asked questions​

When is my cashback paid?
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Cashback is paid within 2 working days.

What is the cashback amount?
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0.20% on all buys on our Instant GIA account. For example, for every £500 traded you'll get £1 cashback on us.

Is the cashback on all trades?
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Cashback will be earned on all buy trades (Therefore this does not include sell trades)

Is there a limit to the cashback I can earn?
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No, cashback is unlimited.

Do I get cashback on the standard account?
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Cashback is exclusive to the Instant account.

What is an example of the cashback amount?
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For every £500 traded you'll get £1 cashback on us.

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