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GB Bank Notice Savings Accounts

Access competitive interest rates, easily add to your savings, and have the flexibility to withdraw at a time that's perfect for your financial goals
30 and 95 Day Notice Savings Accounts
Earn daily compounded interest with daily payments
Deposits FSCS protected up to £85k
4.6 - 750+ reviews
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Wombat saving accounts
Apply online anytime, in minutes
Deposit up to £250,000
Open an account from £500
30 day notice account

30 Day Notice Account

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Interest paid daily

95 day notice accounts

95 Day Notice Account

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Interest paid daily

Key Features

Why choose Wombat's notice accounts?

We're an award-winning saving and investing app and we believe in offering everyone the opportunity to grow their money. That's why we make it easy to open and manage your account, and why our accounts are completely transparent
Access highly competitive interest rates
Benefit from daily interest payments
Enjoy a low account opening balance of £500
Deposit £50+ anytime up to £250,000
Unlimited full withdrawals after the notice period
FSCS protection up to £85k
Open a free account online, in minutes
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Money is deposited with GB Bank. Deposits are restricted whilst a full withdrawal is pending

What is a notice account?

Want a high interest savings account but don’t need instant access to your funds? A notice account could be perfect for you. Open a notice account, add to your savings and simply wait a set notice period to withdraw

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Competitive Interest

Notice accounts often offer attractive interest rates, and generally the longer the notice period, the higher the interest rate offered
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Money Management

Prevents you from withdrawing on a whim and curbs impulse spending, improving long-term budgeting
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Flexible Savings

Choose a notice period that's perfect for your financial goals and deposit as often as you like

Your savings are safe

Any funds you deposit in Wombat's Notice Savings Accounts are deposited with GB Bank, a fully regulated and authorised UK bank.

So you can rest-assured knowing that deposits up to £85,000 per person, per banking group, are  protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK's deposit guarantee scheme.

FSCS Information Sheet and Exclusions List

How to open a Wombat Savings Account

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Open your free savings account

Register, open a GB Bank Notice Savings Account and link your bank. Simple

Start saving for your future

Deposit up to £250k and watch your savings grow
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We've got accounts to suit all of your financial needs, and we're adding more all the time.
Wombat notice accounts
Add a notice savings account to your overall financial strategy for ultimate diversification. 
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Balance security and convenience, with potentially higher-yielding investments to optimise your financial portfolio
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Discover our easy access account

Savings Account

GB Bank Base Rate Tracker 4.91% AER

An innovative savings account to put an end to endless account switching. Get an easy access savings account with an interest rate that automatically updates with the Bank of England base rate, and guarantees never to stray more than 0.5% from it. Optimise your savings, effortlessly.
Easy access withdrawals once a month
Daily interest payments
Automatically receive near top-of-market rates
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T&Cs apply. Interest rate is subject to change

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if a notice savings account is the right fit for me?

Notice savings accounts have some great benefits; they typically offer a higher interest rate and they promote good financial discipline but they can be more restrictive as you need to wait the full notice period before any funds are accessible. Make sure that you can afford to wait the notice period before opening a notice account.

With Wombat, you can have multiple savings accounts to suit different financial goals. For short-term goals, our GB Bank Base Rate Tracker may be more suitable as you can withdraw once a month without notice.

Will the interest rate change on my notice account?

Our notice accounts have variable rates so there is a chance the rate will change throughout the lifetime of your account.

Should the interest rate change, you will receive the same number of days notice as the notice period on the account. So, for a 30-day notice account, you will be given a minimum of 30 days before your interest rate adjusts.

Does my notice account stay open after the notice period has ended?

Yes, you are welcome to continue using the account as soon as the notice period has ended and your withdrawal is complete.

How do I withdraw my funds from my Wombat notice account?

We only offer full withdrawals from notice accounts at this time. To initiate a fee-free withdrawal, open the Wombat app > make sure the correct savings account is selected > tap ‘Withdraw’ > and tap ‘Continue’ to confirm you would like to withdraw your full cash balance. Note: the actual amount you receive will also include accrued interest earned during the notice period.

The withdrawal time scale depends on which notice account you hold. For example, it will take 30 calendar days for your withdrawal to complete on a 30-Day Notice Account. Please note, the notice period begins the following business day after a full withdrawal is initiated, and if your notice period ends on a non-business day, then it will clear the next working day.

What is a notice period savings account?

A notice savings account is a type of savings account that has no fixed term but requires a specific notice period before you can withdraw your money. They offer more flexibility than a fixed term account and support good financial discipline as they can prevent impulse withdrawals, promote regular saving as you can continue to deposit and they also tend to provide higher interest rates than easy access savings accounts. At Wombat, we offer two great notice savings accounts; 30-day and 95-day notice.